Capturing the big sky & beaches of North Norfolk


The Combination of beach, sea and sky seems to captivate our spirit making us return again and again to our favourite place in all seasons and all weathers, working a magical hold on our senses and creating enduring memories of happy times on glorious beaches. I have lived in Norfolk for fifteen years now and the beaches and big skies of the North Norfolk coast still excite me and the need to paint them in all their glory and ever changing weather conditions is as strong as ever.

My work is mainly oil on canvas or board which I find is the most expressive medium for the type of work I love to create. Myself and my partner have a gallery in Wells next the Sea, Norfolk which acts as an ideal platform to sell my work and gives me the perfect excuse to pay a regular visit to the beach!

Commissions feature very strongly in my work routine, the interaction with the client is a very rewarding part of the process and I love creating treasured personal pieces of art for them, I am proud to have some customers who have collected as many as ten pieces, bespoke and otherwise. Galleries also play an important role and currently I exhibit in several nationwide and one international, as well as participating in solo and joint exhibitions with my partner. I am also in print with a British publisher.

All images copyright © Caroline Richmond